What is AlpacorĀ® Yarn



What sets Ausangate Socks apart from other socks in the market today? We use patented Alpacor® Yarn in our sock manufacturing process.

What is patented Alpacor® Yarn? Alpacor® Yarn was created utilizing a unique patented process for the yarn and the yarn manufacturing process which blends the unique alpaca fiber with other natural and synthetic fibers. The supple and luxurious Alpacor® yarn is used to produce socks that are superior to other alpaca, wool, cotton and all synthetic socks.

How are socks made with Alpacor® Yarn superior to other socks? Socks made from the alpaca fiber naturally antimicrobial, odor free, retain their shape, do not shrink, wick way moisture away from the feet, offer natural compression and natural thermal transfer due to the hollow core of the fiber. Alpacor® Yarn adds a softer feel and it is a true wash and dry alpaca fiber. Ausangate Socks made with Alpacor® Yarn are perfect socks for hikers, cyclists on long trips where gear space is minimal.

Why? Because the socks are anti-microbial and breathe they do not smell. No need to take a lot of pairs socks with you on long trips. And, if you do get the socks wet, they will dry pretty fast. Try that with cotton socks and wool socks.

Ausangate Socks are ideal for winter sports. Our socks wick away moisture away from the feet, keeping your feet dry. Nothing cuts a day short on the slopes faster than cold, sweaty, clammy feet. Ausangate Socks with Alpacor® Yarn are great for high-impact sports such as skiing. The cloud-like terry cushions the ball and foot and help reduce friction that causes blisters and toe and toenail damage.

Other socks offer similar characteristics and attributes as Alpacor® Yarn. True, there are many good sock manufacturers in the market today, but we at Ausangate Socks, bring the consumer a softer sock made from a renewable resource, humanely treated fiber source that has an environmentally low carbon footprint.

Is there a Bonus? Yes, Alpacor® Yarn is truly machine wash and dry unlike other alpaca, wool socks. They do not loose their suppleness, shrink or loose elasticity. Ausangate Socks will keep your feet dry, warm in winter, fresh in summer regardless of activity, offer natural compression and help improve circulation. Whether your day involves a long arduous hike or bike ride, a high-impact run or tennis game, a long work day on your feet, to a walk in the city, Ausangate Socks has the right socks for you.

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