Why We Love Summer Running With Alpaca Fiber Socks (And You Should, Too!)

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Alpaca Socks In the Summer Time

Alpaca fiber socks are ideal when you run or practice sports during the hot summer months due to the natural moisture control of alpaca fiber.

Why are alpaca fiber socks a great choice for running and jogging during the hot summer months? The answer is simple, alpaca fiber by nature, is a hydrophobic fiber and hydrophobic fibers repel moisture and lack an affinity for water. Hydrophobic fibers simply wick away moisture away from your feet, naturally, without chemicals. When you wear alpaca fiber socks in the summer your feet stay fresh and dry.

Running Socks

At Ausangate Socks we knit our running socks with state-of-the-art patented Alpacor® yarn and sock manufacturing technologies. Our patented Alpacor® yarn has all the natural hydrophobic attributes of alpaca fiber, the bonus is that our performance socks are machine wash and dry, and retain their shape.

With the hot summer months upon us, give your feet a treat. Get some alpaca fiber running socks for summer healthy feet. You can order  Ausangate Socks online or call us at 305-914-7068 to place your order.



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